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i hear this is making a comeback? haha. well...then i must join the in crowd!

hmmm....what's new? i'm serving at madison heights. and truly enjoy it. right now anyway. some of the people i work with are just excellent to be around, so it makes me happy. and happy about going.

going back to school in the fall has me pumped for life. so i'm just going to bust my ass working for the next couple months, save up, pay off all debts. my car is almost paid off!!!!! ahhhh that will be so amazing. and mine. i will own a car. crazy shit.

andddddddd yeah. idk. that's about it right now.

it's the freaking winter from hell and i want to die from being so cold all the time. :(

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blah! working this early blows!

haha. this passed week has been so amazing and crazy at the same time!

i've hung out with so many wonderful old friends and new ones. it's been so great!

i'm sooo tired. ahhhh....the big brother finale is on tonight. woo hoo. haha

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it's aug! i wanted to try and write in this thing at leaast once a week this summer, but that doesn't look like that's going to happen. everything just flies by!

hm. today at work it was nuts. but that's to be expected i guess. lol. i dunno sometimes when i manage i feel like it's a total out of body experience. like i'm not really doing it. just makes me feel so old. haha.

i go to vegas in 2 and a half weeks! that's wild!

i'm getting a blackberry this week. that's exciting. super cute. and pink!

i have to go get fitted for ambers dress this week. i have to do it. i have to do it. haha. i keep putting it off bc i'm a lamey. but time is running out bitches.

andddd uhhh yeah. that's about it. went up north last weekend to see the cousins, that was amazing. i love 'em all. they're getting so freakin big and old. tiffani is graduating next year! wtf! lol

haley is in drivers training?! haha.

went out for mandalyn's birthday yesterday...had a much better time then i thought i was going to have. i'm glad i went up with nick. a lot more comfortable then showing up alone. awkwaaaard! haha.

alright i'm going to go to bed. i'm beat. peace out y'all. (or well, just lance!)
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crazy weekend!

ang and miah asked me to be in their wedding on saturday! super exciting. can't wait to help out and shiznit. ahhh! everyone is growing up!

today i worked. blah.

tomorrow i work blah.

tuesday if it's nice out i'm going to lay out at ambers pool. for real doe! i needs it.

uhm. other than thaattt. it's like freakin fourth of july tomorrow or something. idk, this whole summer's out of whack.

i need to see some fireworks damnit.

damnit janet! shout out to lance. what what.

i guess that's all she wrote. bye y'all.

"she's bringing awesome back...yeaa..."

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hey. so yesterday was a wonderful day off. my parents got a new car, a malibu, super nice! took it for a drive over to see portugal and fam. i hadn't been over there in like 2 weeks! that's the longest i hadn't seen my little maddi!! she's getting so old and big. i can't handle it. but still funny as ever.

after that i met up with heather and dan for a few drinks. great laughs!

today i worked all day. lame!

anddd. tomorrow hopefully if it's nice out i'll be able to maybe get in some water and go swimming. or at least lay out and get a little sun!

then it's mexican night at jen b's. FIESTA! HOT SAUCE! lol

i'm going to go play text twist. bye!
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happy fathers day.


i have the day off! i worked like a million hours this week, so that's nice. and it's kinda sunny out. holla.

went out for natalie's birthday to boogie fever. it was a good time, great music! great dancing! great friends!

i miss being young and having all the time to hang out with them. i really do miss them. gaaahh. growing up!

imagine all the people,
living life in peace.
you may say i'm a dreamer.
but i'm not the only one.
i hope some day you'll join us.
and the world will be live one.
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yea, so?

i bought some superman ice cream on my way home from work. it's freakin delish.


watched so you think you can dance? tonight. i love that show! i even voted. haha.
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i sat outside today for like 40 mins and read my book (tweak, it's about a druggie...really good...) and i am pretty burnt. wtf. and it was cooler today than it's been! and pretty cloudy.

i manage tomorrow at work. that's pretty exciting stuff. then i serve thursday and friday. then i'm managing at the sterling heights store on saturday. that's going to be a little different. i just started doing it too, so i'm kinda nervous about working at another store. ah well, i'm a big girl now.


i finished my 3rd rock from the sun today. i watched all six seasons of it. that show is so funny! oh mannn. i feel like starting all over and watching it again. haha.

then i watched 10 things i hate about you. ecas got me that for xmas a few years back. along with a scarf. a rainbow scarf which i still rock.


osgood was on jay leno tonight with the cup! looking adorable as always. delicious.

yea, i guess that's about it. c-ya wouldn't wanna be ya.

ooooh burn!
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what a crazy weekend. i need to chill out for a while. lol

why do we stay with lovers who we know down deep just aren't right?

hi hi!

i have just gone through and read all of my old entries. some crazy stuff that's for sure.

i used to be so funny and witty. what happened. when did my soul become so sad. haha.

anywaaaay. summer has attacked with full force. holy hot cakes!

today! i went to the red wings stanley cup parade and osgood waved right at me!! and pointed. it was so amazing. i was like shaking and freaking out after! me being obsessed with him is going on 13 years! isn't that wild? that's longer than half of my life. haha. we're soulmates.

tonight amber and i went and saw the movie the strangers. oh man. that was some freaky shit. for realz! friday night are our date night. it's amazing.

this summer is going to be so crazy! i can't wait. we're going to vegas in august!! me, jen b, jenni fuhr, heather, jennifer and clearlyyy the bride to be amber!! ahh!!! :D it's going to be a freakin party.

i've started managing at applebees the past few weeks. it's different. i feel like a grown up or something.

haha. riiiight.

uhm. other than that, i dunno. maybe i'll start updating this thing more? or prolly not.

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