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hi hi!

i have just gone through and read all of my old entries. some crazy stuff that's for sure.

i used to be so funny and witty. what happened. when did my soul become so sad. haha.

anywaaaay. summer has attacked with full force. holy hot cakes!

today! i went to the red wings stanley cup parade and osgood waved right at me!! and pointed. it was so amazing. i was like shaking and freaking out after! me being obsessed with him is going on 13 years! isn't that wild? that's longer than half of my life. haha. we're soulmates.

tonight amber and i went and saw the movie the strangers. oh man. that was some freaky shit. for realz! friday night are our date night. it's amazing.

this summer is going to be so crazy! i can't wait. we're going to vegas in august!! me, jen b, jenni fuhr, heather, jennifer and clearlyyy the bride to be amber!! ahh!!! :D it's going to be a freakin party.

i've started managing at applebees the past few weeks. it's different. i feel like a grown up or something.

haha. riiiight.

uhm. other than that, i dunno. maybe i'll start updating this thing more? or prolly not.

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