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i sat outside today for like 40 mins and read my book (tweak, it's about a druggie...really good...) and i am pretty burnt. wtf. and it was cooler today than it's been! and pretty cloudy.

i manage tomorrow at work. that's pretty exciting stuff. then i serve thursday and friday. then i'm managing at the sterling heights store on saturday. that's going to be a little different. i just started doing it too, so i'm kinda nervous about working at another store. ah well, i'm a big girl now.


i finished my 3rd rock from the sun today. i watched all six seasons of it. that show is so funny! oh mannn. i feel like starting all over and watching it again. haha.

then i watched 10 things i hate about you. ecas got me that for xmas a few years back. along with a scarf. a rainbow scarf which i still rock.


osgood was on jay leno tonight with the cup! looking adorable as always. delicious.

yea, i guess that's about it. c-ya wouldn't wanna be ya.

ooooh burn!
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