Taste my rainbow?? :( (chocolatethunda) wrote,
Taste my rainbow?? :(

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hey. so yesterday was a wonderful day off. my parents got a new car, a malibu, super nice! took it for a drive over to see portugal and fam. i hadn't been over there in like 2 weeks! that's the longest i hadn't seen my little maddi!! she's getting so old and big. i can't handle it. but still funny as ever.

after that i met up with heather and dan for a few drinks. great laughs!

today i worked all day. lame!

anddd. tomorrow hopefully if it's nice out i'll be able to maybe get in some water and go swimming. or at least lay out and get a little sun!

then it's mexican night at jen b's. FIESTA! HOT SAUCE! lol

i'm going to go play text twist. bye!
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