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it's aug! i wanted to try and write in this thing at leaast once a week this summer, but that doesn't look like that's going to happen. everything just flies by!

hm. today at work it was nuts. but that's to be expected i guess. lol. i dunno sometimes when i manage i feel like it's a total out of body experience. like i'm not really doing it. just makes me feel so old. haha.

i go to vegas in 2 and a half weeks! that's wild!

i'm getting a blackberry this week. that's exciting. super cute. and pink!

i have to go get fitted for ambers dress this week. i have to do it. i have to do it. haha. i keep putting it off bc i'm a lamey. but time is running out bitches.

andddd uhhh yeah. that's about it. went up north last weekend to see the cousins, that was amazing. i love 'em all. they're getting so freakin big and old. tiffani is graduating next year! wtf! lol

haley is in drivers training?! haha.

went out for mandalyn's birthday yesterday...had a much better time then i thought i was going to have. i'm glad i went up with nick. a lot more comfortable then showing up alone. awkwaaaard! haha.

alright i'm going to go to bed. i'm beat. peace out y'all. (or well, just lance!)
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