from jan 13, 2005

been going through everyones old livejournals bc i'm a creep. and this one made me smile from gregs.

My First LiveJournal Poem by Gregory Johnston

(as inspired by Jenae Whipple)

I want to update my LiveJournal
But I don't know what to write
So I don't think that I will
At least not tonight



what a random week. i've been very moody. and lazy.

this week will prolly be the same.

it's coming up on one year since greg passed. just feels like he's with me everyday lately. i keep having dreams that he's here. and i wake up and he's not. just emotional. blah.

blah blah. blah.

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happy easter all!

haven't updated in 4e. since people actually said 4e. lol

umm...what's new?? i got a macbook! i love it. it's the sweetest thing everrr. right after i bought it, i almost died. well it felt like i was anyway. i got a double ear infection and a really bad sinus infection. blaaah. i was off work for like a week and some change. butttt! all the antibiotics and shiz made everything better. so no worries...until the next f'ing infection. lol

amber asked me to stand up in her wedding! so that's super exciting. that's sept 6. but it'll be here in like a second. we're planning a trip to vegas in august...i really hope it all goes through i would LOVE to go to vegas! plus that'd be another state off my list to travel too.

i work 4 hours today and then i'm on vacation for a week! geeked up! my cousins are coming down on thursday...we have pistons tickets for that nights game and saturday night. i'm pumped. i haven't seen them in a while (the pistons and my!

maddi is a year old now. that's wild. she's walking and just amazing. i haven't really been able to see a baby grow all my cousins live so far away i would see them like 2 months and then a year old so it's like i've been over portugals house every week so it's been great to watch her grow.

all my friends are having babies and getting married. wtf's going onnn!

um. yea. nothing else too much to update on. i have to go shower for work. blaaah.

bye lj :)
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i know that greg would really enjoy if i updated an entry about him. he prolly would've prefered it if i was drunk...but yanno...this'll have to work.


last night was so hard to get through without you. thank god greg and i were smart enough to make a chatroom to help. livejournal is an asshole. hahaha. i was going nuts without you lj.

i think i love you. <333


2005-01-15 09:46 pm UTC (from (link) Select
Best chatroom ever.

And I don't think I would've made it through (LiveJournal) Blackout '05 without you. And NotMyRealSN77. ;)

greg, honestly, i dont know how i'm going to function online without you. obviously i loved hanging out with you, but our kind of cyber love you just can't find everyday.

i'm sorry if i didn't say this enough but i love you. i'm really going to miss you.
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hollaaaa ibitchaes.

omg!! LAWO lor order bfaces cakc my hishitup!!!!!!

and crazy eramsn!!!


ick heis josef. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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my mouths just tastes of jager. i think. hahahaha! and werner is the funniest fing person that i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he stole the picture of the 1984 guy!!! to die for.
bubble bobble awww!!!

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i have a cut on my elbow. i need a million dollars. but i'm sick of working.

uhhh. i work tomorrow morning. lame. tomorrow night i'm not doing anything tho. hmmm lame. unless you call me bitches.

i can't go out. i'm sick. cough cough. boooo, you whore.

maybe i'll get drunk by myself tomorrow. i dunno. it's sad really, i'm only 19. does anyone know that? haha. doubtful.

i loveeeeee sugar. i'm drinking a slurpee and about to read some harry potter and watch GH. like could life be any better right now? maybe if i had some sweet white gold hoop earrings.

okaaaaay. jwhip is retaking his road test tomorrow. i hope he passes i'm so over driving him everywhere. duh.

bo wants me to play with him. gotta go. i don't know why she sent you a candy cane she doesn't even like you that much.
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one of those nights....

natalie and i went to the grosse pointe farms fireworks tonight. they were sooo pretty. they were right on the lake and just wonderful.

seeing fireworks remind me of so many different memories in my life. the whole time i'm watching them i want to cry. i start thinking about the people i have lost in my life and about the great ones i still have with me.

i'm such an emotional freak. i can't handle it. but fireworks break me down in ways i can't understand. good ways, i guess. i mean afterwards i don't feel depressed...i just feel content. content with the way my life has been.

i've seen fireworks with most of my good friends and family at one time. the moment they start, it just reminds me of all the people i love. with me or not. i know this is corny and lame. i'm sorry.

i won't make this one private, in case someone i don't talk to anymore reads it, they can remember that i'm not a completely horrible person. and that i do think about you. and i hope all is well. but to all of you on my friends list, just in case you don't know. i love you. :)
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